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Ask the Caterer

Q: Is your sausage made in store and is it fully cooked?

A: 95% of the sausage in our store is house made. The other 5 % is brought in from outside suppliers. We have a complete list of deli products that tells you which sausage is fully cooked and which will need further cooking.

Q: Do you cater and what is available?

A: We prepare a number of different products that are available for pick up. Some include fully cooked and even “Hot” out of the oven items as well as products you can prepare at your leisure. Please see the BBQ Ready portion of our website for a full menu listing.

Q: What is Cherry Smoked Bacon and how does it differ from other bacon?

A: We use cherry wood chips to smoke our bacon. This gives our bacon a sweet and rich, smoky taste.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum amount of people you can cater for?

A: We can provide food for any number of people. Please see our BBQ Ready section and our Deli section for a complete listing of menu items and ordering information.

Q: How long does Deli Meat last in the fridge once I take it home?

A: It will last 2-3 days in the fridge once it is sliced and taken home.

Q: Do we give discounts to groups or associations?

A:        We offer a complete fundraising kit for any group looking to raise money for their cause. We also offer $3.00 off each per case on seasoned burgers and $2.00 off per case on regular wieners if your group buys 3 or more cases.