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Main Course Recipes

Making a delicious meal is easy with Prairie Meats Recipes. Just choose, print, and then stop by to pick up your ingredients - with just one stop!

Image Recipe Name YieldTime Difficulty View
Image Unavailable STIRFRY SAUCE 5 - 10 portions 5 min Basic
Image Unavailable PIZZA DOUGH 2 x 12" pizzas 30 min Intermediate
istockphoto_13875338-soup BEEF STOCK 5 Litres 7 to 9 hours Basic
istockphoto_12603045-christmas-turkey-on-holiday-table BONELESS STUFFED TURKEY 10 to 15 portions 4 to 5 hours Intermediate
istockphoto_11800462-barbecue-ribs LAQUERED BACK RIBS 500 ml (2.5 KG ribs) 4 to 5 hours Intermediate
istockphoto_16290643-slices-of-roasted-bacon-on-baking-paper ROASTED CHERRY SMOKED BACON 6 to 8 portions 50 min Basic

A Tip by the Chef

When to Marinate

Marination is the process of soaking foods in a seasoned, often acidic liquid before cooking. The acidic ingredients in a marinade can consist of liquids such as vinegar, citrus juices, wine or enzymatic (made with ingredients such as pineapple or papaya. Along with these liquids, a marinade often contains oils, herbs, and spices to further flavor the food items. Marinades are commonly used to flavor foods and to tenderize tougher cuts of meat like beef. Any cut of meat can be marinated to induce flavor and tenderness. Over marinating can break down the protein too much and cause it to be mushy and undesirable. Chef Ardell has posted a chart that is useful in determining the cut and length of time to marinate.