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Employee Benefits

At Prairie Meats, we pride ourselves on positive experiences for our employees and customers.

Compensation: We believe in providing competitive compensation plans for our employees. We have and will continue to participate in compensation reviews to ensure our current rates reflect the market. Prairie Meats believes in a pay for performance system in which those who are performing at or above the guidelines are rewarded. Typically we review your performance at or before 3 months and then on an annual basis.

Time off: We believe our employees require dedicated time with their families. To that end we are closed on Sundays and statutory holidays to “cook up family values”. We will attempt to accommodate time off as we are able based on business demands.

Health Benefits: Health, life insurance and disability benefit coverage begin at 3 months, and dental coverage at 6 months of employment. The plan is enhanced after 18 months of employment to higher allowable reimbursements and lower deductibles.  Prairie Meats shares the cost of premiums with employees.

Retirement Savings: We work with a financial planner to provide the SaskWorks RRSP program through payroll deductions. With this program, there are federal and provincial tax deductions which are added to your investment amount to increase your savings substantially.

Free Lunch Friday: We feel it is important to recognize our employee’s hard work with a free lunch once per month on a Friday. This lunch also allows our employees the opportunity to taste our products in order to better describe and explain taste, texture and suggest cooking methods.

Employee Pricing: We offer our employees special pricing on our products, generally known as a discount on your purchases.

Social events: The annual awards banquet is a time to recognize our employees accomplishments of long service. It is a time to come together outside of work and celebrate the individuals and corporations success. In addition, Prairie Meats will provide an annual budget for social events that will happen throughout the year.

Advancement: Prairie Meats provides opportunities for advancement within the organization. Employees have the opportunity to work with their supervisor and manager on development plans including training opportunities which will allow the employee the development necessary to train in other departments or learn management techniques to move to the next level. External training may also be offered.

Accomplishment: Every day at Prairie Meats has new challenges and opportunities. Working at Prairie Meats, you can leave each day with a sense of accomplishment, meeting production targets, helping customers, or managing a team providing exceptional customer service.