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BBQ & Grilling

Tips to help you create the perfect barbecue meal.

  • How to roast on your BBQ

    Over the years we have had many people ask if it is possible to roast something on the BBQ. Well the answer is, “Yes, it is.”

    Some of the best roasted items that I have tasted have been done on a BBQ. The best way to roast on the BBQ is to use indirect heat by turning on one or two burners on the BBQ and placing your protein on the opposite side. By doing this you have control over how quickly the product cooks and can avoid burning. If you have a rotisserie you would cook on low heat directly above the heat source and can control the cooking by adjusting the heat and height of the roast as it turns. The differences between roasting in an oven and on the BBQ are very minimal. Depending on your BBQ, it may take a bit longer to roast than in an oven; however, you will save your house from heating up and your roast will have a unique charred flavor that can only be achieved on a BBQ. Some of our most popular items for roasting on the BBQ are our flattened chickens, prime rib roasts, stuffed pork loins and marinated flank steak.

  • How to Get The Perfect Criss-Cross When Grilling

    When grilling any item with a flat surface everyone is always looking for a perfect crisscross. The charring on the outside of a grilled item adds a unique flavor that is often craved. The Diamond shape of the grill marks on a perfectly grilled steak adds eye appeal along with the charred flavor.

    To achieve perfect crisscross grill marks you need to preheat your BBQ to about 400-500 degrees F. This will ensure that the product that you are grilling doesn’t stick when you put it on. Place your protein on the grill on an angle. Once the item has cooked for half the amount of time on that side, turn the protein a quarter turn and cook for the same amount of time. Flip the protein and repeat the steps for the second side. For a medium cooked steak that is 1 inch thick I would cook it for approximately 2 minutes then a quarter turn and 2 more minutes for a total of 4 minutes per side. It is always important to rest your protein after it is cooked so that the juices remain trapped inside of the meat.