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Event Planning

Whether your next event is big or small,  tips from our catering expert will help you make it a huge success.

  • Organizing Your Event

    Some sort of a system will allow you to easily access everything you need for the event. This includes lists and notes which might be organized in a spreadsheet on the computer or a notebook dedicated to your event.  Plan a spot for the supplies you’ll need for the event which should be kept together in the same area.

  • How Much Food is Enough for Your Event?

  • Make a Menu

    You want to figure out everything you are going to serve from appetizers to desserts and remember to include drinks.  When making a menu, take into consideration any food allergies or food preferences that you know the guests might have.

    Or let Prairie Meats help you create your menu.  For example, our BBQ Ready Meals include everything you need quickly and easily, and you’ll get it all with just one phone call.