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About Prairie Meats

Meat FridgePrairie Meats is a family-owned company established in 1983 that has built an enviable reputation for personalized service and quality products. In addition to local favorites, you can choose from a full line of over 1,700 products.

Visit the Butcher’s Block for a full selection of fresh and frozen meats, including halal and organic selections or The Smokehouse for our great selection of smoked meats. Enjoy salads, sides, and deli meats available at Deli – Grocery section.  The Chef’s Table is a new line of ready-to-enjoy meals developed by chef Layne Ardell. And if you’re planning an event, give Audrey a call at 244-4024 or browse Event’s Catering.

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Prairie Meat's Beef
Prairie Meat's Pork


Prairie Meat's Pork
Prairie Meat's poultry


Prairie Meat's Poultry
Prairie Meat's Lamb


Prairie Meat's Lamb
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Prairie Meat's Seafood
Prairie Meat's Specialty Meats


Prairie Meat's specialty meats
Visit the Butcher's Block

The best butcher shop in town really knows meat. Not only can we tell you the difference between sirloin and tenderloin, we can show you which to choose & why. And if you'd like, we can even give you expert advice on how to prepare it!

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