Accountability: Driving and Delivering of Products and Performing Pickups (85% of time)

  • Safely drive to customer’s location
  • Verify all product is on truck and on invoice and that invoice is correct
  • Move and place product into customer’s premises neatly placed with labels out and heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top being sure to keep all of the same items together
  • Go over invoice and product with customer to verify both are correct
  • Have customer sign if it is a charge account or prepared invoice and give customer top copy of invoice and credit card slip
  • Collect payment on a C.O.D. account, mark an invoice type of payment and if by cheque, the cheque number
  • Have customer sign and give top copy
  • Fill out credit slips for invoice error and if product is being returned and to remove any tubs or totes that belong to us
  • Do all the above in a courteous time efficient manner
  • Perform pickups of products for Prairie Meats
  • Other duties as may be assigned


Accountability: Inspection and Maintenance checks and cleaning of trucks (5% of time)

  • Perform a pre-trip inspection report on trucks
  • Maintain all fluid levels
  • Remove empty pallets and debris after run and to sweep out liner of truck after each run
  • Keep cab clean and use pressure washer to wash boxes and exterior of trucks
  • Other duties as may be assigned


Accountability: Assist in Loading and Sorting of Product (5% of time)

  • Help the shippers complete the picking and sending of orders
  • Assist in the loading and sorting onto trucks for delivery
  • Other duties as may be assigned


Accountability: Communication (5% of time)

  • Answer incoming calls from sales reps, order clerk or traffic supervisors about concerns or questions or orders or deliveries
  • Call in when done runs or ask on any pickups that may need to be done
  • Call in with issues on products, invoices, or truck issues that may need answers or assistance
  • Other duties as may be assigned